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Art - Entry Level & Internship 2018

Business Area / Division: Entry-Level Roles & Internships
Location: Oxford


Rebellion offers a limited amount of internships and entry-level roles each year. Competition for places is fierce and we look for the best students who are passionate about games and excel in their field. We offer the chance to work with industry experts at our Oxford studio who will guide and teach you how to contribute to making the best computer games.


Entry-level or intern artists will experience hands-on training in a large studio working alongside a diverse range of professional games artists. We are always looking for talented artists to kick off their career at Rebellion – whether in environments, characters, concepts, GUI, marketing or animation.


Key to any art application is a strong portfolio of artwork. Although degrees are valued indicators of ambition, standards and commitment, they are not an essential requirement for artists.



  • Only include your best work in your portfolio
  • For at least one piece include information about the brief, time spent, polycount, wireframes and textures as well as the finished article, and if possible screenshots from both in-software and in-engine views
  • For environment artists we are particularly interested in seeing whole staged environments, for example a room or view rather than all individual props – consider atmosphere, lighting, scale and story
  • Evidence of traditional art skills such as figure drawing, sculpture and painting are also welcome


Other skills you will need:

  • 3D artists will need ability with 3d software such as 3D Studio Max or Maya. Any knowledge of 3D sculpting packages such as Zbrush or Mudbox would also be advantageous
  • For 3D artists demonstrable skill in current modelling processes would be highly desirable, including hi-res sculpting, baking textures and material/shader setup in realtime render engine
  • 2D artists will need ability with Photoshop or other 2D packages
  • Excellent initiative and self-motivation, with the ability to accept and follow direction
  • A genuine interest in playing games


Entry-Level Art:

If you have already graduated or are in the last year of your studies, then please apply for an entry-level art role – previous intern experience is not necessary.


Art Internships:

Generally the longer your can spend at Rebellion the better, so that you can make the most of the training and start producing work of a high-enough quality that can actually be used in one of our games. However we can be flexible on timing of internships to suit term-times. We consider requests all year round but do bear in mind that we get most summer vacation internship requests in November and December of the previous year, so we start interviews for those in December and by January we have usually decided on all our summer places.


International Students:

As a registered Tier 2 sponsor Rebellion can consider sponsorship for entry-level roles on a case-by-case basis where needed. For international students studying in the UK on a student visa, it is likely that you can work up to 20 hours a week in term-time and full-time in vacation periods, up to the end date of your course. However we would need to talk to you more about your individual visa to be sure.


Your Application:

Please apply below, indicating in your application form if you are looking for a fixed-term internship or an entry-level role.


As well as your CV and portfolio, please upload a cover letter letting us know:

1. Why did you choose to apply to Rebellion above other opportunities?

2. What would you be able to offer us during your time here?

3. What would you hope to gain from the internship?

4. Which of our games have you played and what did you like and dislike about them?

5. More info about any other experience you consider relevant, eg. hobby projects, previous work experience.


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