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Code - Entry Level 2018

Business Area / Division: Entry-Level Roles & Internships
Location: Oxford


Rebellion offers a limited amount of entry-level trainee roles each year. If you have less than 1 year of professional C++ games experience (or none!) we offer the chance to work with industry experts at our Oxford studio who will guide and teach you how to contribute to making the best computer games.

Entry-level programmers can experience hands-on training in a professional studio working on live projects and tools. We prefer Computer Science, Maths, Physics or other science-related degree subjects for coders but these aren’t essential if you can already demonstrate some strong programming skills, particularly in C++.


The main ability we are looking for is some practical C++ knowledge! If we are considering inviting you to interview then we will usually ask you to do an initial C++ programming test beforehand. This gives Rebellion a chance to see what you already know and how you approach problems. The test can be done at home at a time suitable to you. It should take about an hour but we assess tests based on your own indicated level of skill – so if you are confident in your C++ you should attempt the test under test conditions but if you have just started learning C++ we are happy for you to take longer and use reference material.

Other Skills:

- Excellent initiative, self-motivation, organisational and problem solving skills
- The ability to accept and follow direction
- A genuine interest in playing games

Your Application:

Please apply below. As well as your CV, please upload a cover letter letting us know:
1. Why did you choose to apply to Rebellion above other opportunities?
2. What would you be able to offer us?
3. What would you hope to gain?
4. Which of our games have you played and what did you like and dislike about them?
5. More info about any other experience you consider relevant. eg. hobby projects, previous work experience.

Please provide a portfolio, for example links to your source code and / or video of your games/apps in action.


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